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  • August-2022

    Homy Warehouses Enhancement

    Homy for Food Distribution has announced that it has recently enhanced its warehouses with a number of cooling equipment that adhere to international storage standards. This step comes as part of the company’s efforts to provide excellent storage con...

  • July-2022

    Optimizing Homy Fleet Efficiency

    As part of its strategy to optimize its fleet efficiency, Homy for Food Distribution announced its intention to follow adopt a new strategy. Beside working on decreasing idle time, the company will work on planning more fuel-efficient routes and crea...

  • June-2022

    Signing a Contract to Distribute Al Safwa Products

    Homy for Food Distribution announced inking a contract with representatives of Al Safwa brand to distribute products that carry the brand name across the local market. This agreement has been successfully executed to help manage the distribution of A...